Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Reading

February was my own personal non-fiction month! I decided that if I was going to stray from that, I had to read books by black authors. That lasted...for a little while, but not as long as I'd hope it would. Still, I wasn't far off my expectations and I'm generally pleased with my progress this month!

I DNFed one book this month and finished three books for work, which I won't include here. I also started one book that I didn't finish and think I'm going to put aside for a little while; it was a non-fiction book by a white dude.

Total read: 10
Non-Fiction: 6
E-books: 3
By WoC: 5
YA books: 4
Adult Fiction: 1
Romance: 1

I'm still slacking on queer reading - I only read two books with queer MCs and by queer authors (plus an essay collection with some queer authors) - but I otherwise really need to work on widening my diversity scope. Still, I made a good dent on my TBR, both e-book and not. 

As for how many books I acquired vs how many I got rid of...that I don't wanna talk about. It wasn't TERRIBLE but it was still...yeah. (Also I'm not in the house so I don't feel like trying to figure it out.)

SO, there's a really basic overview of my reading month. Still room for improvement, but I'm content.