Freelance Publicity/Assistant Work

I have worked as an author assistant for two different authors. I have also been a publicity/marketing intern at two different Big 5 publishing imprints, where I worked on a wide variety of books, from non-fiction to romance to YA. I would love to put my experience towards helping you with outreach to bloggers and on social media or with research and transcribing. I can also write up pitch letters and other promo material - honestly, I'm open to trying out anything. I generally charge $20/hour, but I'm up for working with your budget. 

If you don't feel you need a full assistant, I'm also happy to chat with you one on one to figure out what would be best for your book - ideas I would recommend, help with navigating social media, websites I would look toward for pitching - for a flat fee of $50. 

Contact: juliannemdaly [@] gmail [.] com

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